Mad Professor Pedals

Finland's finest - Mad Professor pedals are top quality tone boxes, designed by the legendary Bjorn Juhl, "the mad professor". Overdrives, boost, delay, compressor, chorus, reverb - Mad Professor does it all, and the whole range is available at Woodstock Guitars.


There's a big difference between building guitars and repairing them. At Woodstock Guitars, we focus exclusively on the latter. We perform a variety of repairs including refrets, repainting/refinishing, setups, new saddles, tuner changes, fracture repairs, electronics, etc.

Zane Carney (John Mayer) visits Woodstock Copenhagen


Zane Carney, guitarist with John Mayer and currently on an extended European tour, visited a packed Woodstock Copenhagen last night for a fantastic masterclass evening. Zane played a lot of his own music, but talk also turned to what it’s like to play with John Mayer, life on tour, guitar geekery, etc. We hadn’t expected […]