Acus oneforstrings 10 USED

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Condition is as new.

oneforstrings 10 is the largest model in the oneforstrings line by Acus both for power and sound pressure.

Thanks to its 5 channels it is recommended for both solo-stage that as Mixer-PA system for concerts in clubs of limited size (up to 150 people). All channels of the oneforstrings 10 amplifier are equipped with peak led, gain, 4-band equalizer, Effect Volume and Channel Volume.

Channels 1, 2, 3 have input MIC / LINE, channel 5 is to be used only for input line. The special feature of this amp is Channel 4 which has a three-position switch making it very flexibe:

  • position 1: equalization optimized for cello and viola;
  • position 2: equalization for acoustic and classical guitars;
  • position 3: optimized equalization for semi-acoustic guitar / Jazz.

Channel 4 also has a stereo line input by 2 mono jacks to have L and R separate. oneforstrings 10 is equipped with AUX input with Volume dedicated with 2-band equalizer and 2 outputs (LINE and STEREO OUT) with own Volume and one output DIRECT OUT for connection to a system External PA. This amp is also equipped with a high-end headphone output with independent volume, 8 high quality digital effects with RETURN control on the Master section and RESONANCE filter (Feedback- Canceller) selectable and with adjustable frequency.

Frequency response: 40 Hz – 20kHz
Max power out: 350 W
System format: Biamp 2 vie
Power woofer: 280 W
Power tweeter: 70 W
Sensitivity 1W 1mt: 96 dB
SPL max: 122 dB
Crossover: Electronic
Woofer: 2 x 8”
Tweeter: Compression tweeter
Cabinet: 2 vie bass reflex
Construction: Birch Plywood
Weight: 16 Kg
Height: 467 mm
Width: 317 mm
Depth: 350 mm


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