Fender Stratocaster 1965 Sunburst

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DKK 108995

Woodstock Guitars

1965 Fender Stratocaster in great original condition. Plays great, looks right, and just works the way it should! Neck pickup is pure SRV on this one.

Neck profile is what we would consider standard for a ’65 Strat. I.e. not very thin, but not a chunky neck either. Very comfortable and playable.

Neck date is August ’65. Pickups are dated November ’65. Pots date to week 10, 1965. One pot has been changed, but the original is included. It has a 5-way switch installed but the original 3-way is included. Has had additional string tree previously installed, which has been removed.

Possibly has slight overspray on headstock, most likely done after removal of the additional string tree. Totally invisible to the naked eye, and almost impossible to see under blacklight, but mentioned because we can’t 100% rule it out.

Refretted – new frets are in excellent condition. Nicely levelled and crowned. Size is pretty close to 6105 fret size

Has had a number etched into neck plate under serial number by a previous owner. Has previously had strap button installed on lower horn, but this has been removed.

Includes original case.

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