Olsson Studio 18

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DKK 17000

Woodstock Guitars

Olsson Studio 18.

Studio 18 is a small and lightweight two channel 18 W tube amplifier. Perfect to bring along wherever you go. Channel one is a British type of channel with two gain levels offering everything from clean, crunch to “singing” high gain sounds. Channel two have a more American type of shimmering sound. The two different channel types makes Studio 18 to an amp handling everything from jazz to classic rock-sounds without  use of any pedal. Studio 18 also has a serial effect loop, with separate adjustments for both send and return levels. The possibility to turn the adjustable effect-loop on/off, by the foot-switch, makes it to an ideal solo boost function.
Studio 18 is very dynamic, has great separation, responds like lightning and with a heavy punch.


  • Two channels controlled by foot switch, one input
  • 18W power into 4, 8 or 16 ohms load
  • Tubes : 4x12AX7, 2xEL84
  • Effect loop: Send and Return Level , On/Off
  • Transformers from Heyboer USA
  • Weight – 8kg
  • Handmade in Sweden

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