Epiphone Sorrento 1965
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kr. 20,900 (DKK)

The Sorrento is basically constructed as the Epiphone version of the Gibson ES-125 TDC, but retains some individuality thanks to its two mini-humbucker pickups and oval fingerboard inlays.

This 1965 example is in very good condition in the most sought-after sunburst finish. All original, except for pin-up sticker on the back of the headstock.

Comes with original case.

Mere fedt gear:

kr. 14,000 kr. 11,900 (DKK)
kr. 17,900 (DKK)
kr. 4,995 (DKK)
kr. 12,900 (DKK)
kr. 22,500 (DKK)