AER Alpha Plus

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kr. 7250

Woodstock Guitars

The Alpha plus is a complement to our Alpha, still as professional and versatile as the Alpha itself, but provided with increased power output.

With one channel but two independent input stages (line and microphone/line), a dynamically controlled 50 Watts power-amplifier, 8“-twin-cone speaker-system, 3-band equalization and reverb, the Alpha plus is applicable for the enhancement of a wide variety of instruments just as well as vocals.

Although especially developed for acoustic instruments, the Alpha plus is suited excellently for all other (even electrical) instruments and the 48V phantom power supply of the XLR-input allows the operation of high-quality condenser-microphones.

The whole system ensures impressive dynamics plus a well-balanced distortion-free tone at all sound pressure levels, despite strikingly small sizes and little weight.

  • Key Features
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  • 50 watts
  • 8” (200 mm) twin cone full-range speaker, bass reflex enclosure
  • Built-in digital reverb
  • 7.2 kg (15.9 lbs)

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