Alhambra 5 F

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DKK 5995

Woodstock Guitars

A white flamenco guitar with sycamore sides and back, spruce for the top and a neck reinforced with ebony

The 5 F model is an instrument with a very flamenco sound and touch. A percussive and powerful sound, but at the same time clean, where strumming sounds in an extraordinary way. In addition, the 5 F model is a guitar on which the melody can be defined very well, obtaining an extraordinary balance between bass and treble.

A guitar with black ebony fingerboard, comfortable and with a low level of hardness, a versatile guitar with which you can play all the flamenco techniques. The 5 F is made with a solid top of spruce, a sycamore body, golden machine heads and a comfortable neck called ergoneck, in this case, made of mahogany and reinforced with ebony.

The 5 F model has a “classical 5” type bracing which together with a solid top of very good quality, offers an adequate hardness and a lot of projection. The 5 F is a great white flamenco guitar, with gloss finish where great care has been taken in every detail to continue with the study of the difficult art of flamenco.


TOP:  Solid German Spruce
SIDES & BACK: Sycamore
NECK: Mahogany. Reinforced with ebony

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