Alvarez AD90

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DKK 3,500.00

Mention the word “Koa” to an acoustic guitar player, and you’ll get two reactions — gushing praise for its unique, sparkling tone, and fear and loathing for the dent it’ll put in your wallet. But fear not: koa isn’t out of reach with the Alvarez AD90.

At the heart of the Alvarez AD90’s amazing tone is its hand-sanded scalloped bracing, which allows the top to resonate more freely without compromising strength & stability. And with acacia koa back & sides, you get the amazing sonic detail & chiming harmonics only koa can deliver. Alvarez’s rosewood bi-level bridge puts more down-pressure on the bone saddle, creating a more efficient energy transfer from the strings to the top, giving you more volume than you ever thought possible from a guitar in this price range.

Alvarez also refined their neck profile, with a thinner, faster neck that plays easier, yet still feels solid in your hands. If you’re searching for that elusive, magical acoustic tone, give the AD90 a try — you won’t be disappointed, and neither will your wallet!


  • Body Style: Dreadnought
  • Top: Hand selected, ‘A’ grade, solid Sitka spruce
  • Bracing: Hand sanded, scalloped
  • Back and Sides: Acacia Koa
  • Bridge: Alvarez bi-level rosewood
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Finish: Premium, high gloss
  • Neck Joint: Dovetail
  • Nut: Real bone
  • Saddle: Real bone
  • Inlays: Paua abalone and mother-of-pearl
  • Tuners: Premium die-cast chrome
  • Binding: ABS

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