Blade Delta Pro
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kr. 6,300

As country and blues built for foundations of rock, this classic design turned bar room steam into electrifying music. The Delta Series gives everything from the bright bite to the warm blues on the chassis of the most fundemental electric guitar available. The beauty of simplicity.

Down and dirty, from basic blues to raunchy rock the Delta Standard T1 delivers the goods. The White Teak body highlights the smoother sounds of the late 60’s instruments of this style. True single coils deliver the punch and bite you would expect from a fine instrument. The neck pickup has been slightly overwound to add more balance and a compressive character. The on-board Variable Spectrum Control expands those sounds to a veritable rainbow of tonal versatility.


  • BODY WOOD – white Teak
  • NECK WOOD – Hard Rock Maple
  • FINGERBOARD – Rodewood
  • HEADSTOCK FINISH – Natural Gloss
  • TUNERS – Chrome 16:1 DieCast
  • BRIDGE – Classic Styl, 6 Barrel Saddles
  • PICKGUARD – Vintage Mint Green
  • PICKUPS – T-4/1 Calibrated Set

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