Blade RH-4 Honey Burst

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DKK 26995

Woodstock Guitars

The original Blade – a modern classic since 1987. This exquisite instrument is immediately recognizable by the sepia colored mirror pickguard and superb finish. The noiseless V-3 single coils give you great tone and punch – but without the hum.

The LH-55 is the Levinson classic humbucker for warmth and fatness, while not losing high end clarity. The Variable Spectrum Control Tone Enhancement allows you enormous tonal variation: jazz, blues, rock country – it’s all there. You will not want to put it down.


The Variable Spectrum Control (VSC)
The Variable Spectrum Control (VSC) lets you break through traditional tonal boundaries. The user adjustable presets let you change your sound from creamy overdrive to bell-like highs – instantly. All Blade® electronics also have a passive bypass to give you pure vintage tone and ensure that you never run out of power. The Variable Spectrum Control (VSC) Tone Guide (PDF)

Tapered Neck Joint
Enjoy better access to the upper registers with the tapered neck joint for more comfort and speed.

Adjustable Tension Guide
Every detail of a Blade® guitar represents a commitment to engineering perfection. The Adjustable Tension Guide (ATG) perfectly balances the string tension at the nut with an asymmetric spring loaded height adjustment to keep you in tune, no matter how hard you wail on your whammy bar.

Falcon Tremolo
This patented tremolo looks,feels and sounds like a vintage style unit but incorporates a patented double block system that also allows uptrem while sitting flat on the guitar body. Unlike floating tremolos, the Falcon transmits all of the tone the strings and wood have to offer for the biggest sound possible. The Falcon Tremolo enhances attack and sustain AND stays in tune even if a string is broken – a feature that floating trems cannot do. Even deep bends against open strings are possible – the open strings do not detune. Now that’s style.

Push-Push Humbucker Split
No need to grab anything to split your humbucker. Simply tap the tone pot and you’re done. Easy and reliable.


Body Wood: Swamp Ash
Neck Wood: Hard Rock Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony or Flamed Maple
Headstock Finish: Same as Body Color
Tuners: Schaller Locking Tuners
Hardware Finish: Gold (Chrome, Black
Tremolo: Falcon Tremolo
Pickguard: Sepia Mirror
Pickups: 2 V-3 Stacked Coils, 1 LH-55 Vintage Humbucker
Electronics: Variable Spectrum Control (VSC-4)

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