Bogner Ecstasy Classic BRUGT

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DKK 18995

Woodstock Guitars


Great condition, and has the Class A/Class AB option. A fantastic amp with the more open, responsive sound of the Classic model with the cool chrome face. Includes footswitch.


Our Ecstasy series heads were designed to breathe like sweet old amps…all living in one box. The features allow the “DNA” of the 3 distinctly voiced channels to be radically morphed into sounds of the past, present and future. By using our foot controller you can access six tuned variations of these channels instantly. Imagine going from our notorious barking Plexi mode, to the greasiest, harmonically chewy overdrive and then washing it all down with the lushest most decadent clean tone.

The Ecstasy comes standard with an amazing array of controls: 1/2 power switch, new/old style switch, dual assignable presence controls with 3-way Excursion switches to control speaker cabinet dampening, gain boost and individual pre-eq switches for each channel, plexi-mode, gain structure, tube buffered series/parallel FX loop with mix and master volume control.

CLASSIC OPTION – Discontinued February 2010, the Classic has a lightly changed pre-amp combined with different filtering in the power supply which offers a more woody attack and blooming sustain that overall gives a rich 3D open sound with a less compressed feel than our Ecstasy 101. Plus! the Classic has a really classy chrome plated front panel. Like the first generation 100B the master volume is on the front panel with one set of excursion and presence controls.

In 2001 the Classic option was introduced. Since only one hundred 100B models were built and the amp became rare Reinhold wanted to offer a model with slightly less features which sits somewhere between the 100 and 101B. The Classic featured a chrome front panel and a more open, organic feel and tonality.

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