Crafton Rex

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DKK 16995

Woodstock Guitars

Super rare, completely hand made top-of-the-line Crafton Rex archtop. Made in Gothenburg, Sweden between 1947-1955. All solid woods, ebony fingerboard. Includes unique original case.

The guitar plays great with a nice fat neck and sounds just right with a deep, fat tone through the period Kjell archtop pickup.

Cosmetically, it is generally in good condition. It has a lot of playwear commensurate with its age, and a couple of specific issues:

  • An old repair on the side bout where the wood has cracked, most likely due to drying out. This has been fixed competently but with little regard for cosmetics, so the repair can be seen and felt in the wood
  • There is overspray on the back of the headstock, which usually indicates some sort of headstock issue, but the exact nature of it is not visible

This is a unique guitar from the golden age of Swedish archtop building that due to the issues is available for much less than it would otherwise cost.

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