Engl Screamer 50 Half-Stack

DKK 12,995.00 DKK 8,995.00

The Engl Screamer 50 delivers the sonic goods—tons of tone and palette of hip sounds from squeaky clean to hi-gain shred and everything in between. This all-tube beast is your first choice for many different sound styles! With a host of practical features and a clearly-arranged control panel, handling this amp is a piece of cake.

The Screamer’s opulent visuals are certainly arresting, but its unique, creamy tube tone and silky spring reverb truly set this amplifier apart. The Screamer comes complete with a bit of technical wizardry which you’ll find useful where it counts most—out there in the real world of rehearsing and gigging. Among these features are a Lo/Hi Gain switch, which in effect doubles your choice of channels from two: Clean and Lead, to four: the afore-mentioned, plus Crunch and Heavy Lead.

You also get two different connection systems for different footswitches-conventional ¼” jacks as well as a port for the ENGL compact footswitch Z-5 (optional). And then there’s the ingenious feature “V.L.S.”, an adapted version of the extremely popular and highly practical Master A/B switching circuit found on high-end ENGL heads.


  • 4 channel modes: Clean, Lead, Crunch and Heavy Lead
  • V.L.S technology allows for two different master volume settings,
  • Built-in effects loop
  • 4 12ax7 tubes in the preamp
  • 2 6L6GC in the power amp

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