Fender Deluxe “TV Front” 5A3 1951

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DKK 24995

Woodstock Guitars

Very rare 1951 Fender Deluxe “TV Front” 5A3 1951. Old school 50’s tweed tones!

Original speaker, with original speaker mounted output transformer. Power transformer is original 110v. Step-down transformer mounted in the cabinet.

  • Preamp tubes are 6SC7 “metal bottle” – most likely original, if not then period correct, as these have been out of production for decades
  • Output tubes are recent Russian-made 6V6GT’s
  • 5y3GT rectifier tube is either original or NOS, definitely period correct

Changes & updates:

  • Condensers have been changed, which is normal maintenance to make sure the amp works 100%
  • The Astron caps are the originals
  • Volume pot on the Instrument channel has been changed
  • Leather carrying handle appears to have been changed

Amp works perfectly, sounds fantastic, and is a playable investment grade piece of rock ‘n roll history.

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