Fender Starcaster Blonde

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DKK 41995

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1976 Fender Starcaster in natural finish, and as close to mintily mint-flavoured mint condition as it gets! Includes original case, hang tags and other accessories. Unrepeatable!

Originally introduced in the mid-1970s, the Starcaster was Fender’s attempt to break into the semi-hollowbody market dominated by Gibson. While it didn’t achieve mainstream success at the time, it has since gained a cult following and is highly sought after by collectors and players alike.

The Starcaster features a semi-hollow construction, with a laminated maple body and a maple neck, providing a balance of resonance and stability. The rarely seen sunburst finish beautifully showcases the wood grain and jkust looks right.

With a standard Fender-style scale length of 25.5 inches, the Starcaster offers a familiar and comfortable playing experience for Fender aficionados. The semi-hollow design enhances its acoustic-like tone, while the dual Wide Rangehumbuckers deliver a versatile range of warm yet bright sounds.

The guitar is all original, displaying the authentic vintage character with normal wear appropriate for its age. It comes complete with the original case, hang tags and other accessories.


Year: 1976
Model: Fender Starcaster
Construction: Semi-hollow
Body: Laminated maple
Neck: Maple
Finish: Sunburst
Scale Length: 25.5 inches
Pickups: Dual humbuckers
Controls: Volume, tone, 3-way selector switch

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