Fender Stratocaster 1957
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kr. 129,000 (DKK)

1957 Fender Stratocaster with some issues that make it a fantastic player’s guitar!!


The guitar has been routed through body behind the trem to make room for a synth pickup. The hole has been plugged with wood and is hidden by a 50’s style pinup sticker on the top and a dice sticker on the back. It sounds a lot worse than it looks, this is still a real deal original finish ’57 Strat.

The guitar retains its original 1957 pickups, but has had new pots and and a 5-way pickup switch. Has been refretted, frets are in top condition.

The good news:

Because of the issues, this 1957 Stratocaster costs DKK70000 less than it would otherwise.

The even better news:

A lightweight, original finish 1957 Strat that plays completely flawlessly and sounds huge. The ultimate player grade vintage Holy Grail Stratocaster.

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