Fender Stratocaster 1965

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DKK 52495

Woodstock Guitars

Very cool ’65 L-series Stratocaster with a nicely done and nicely aged all-nitro gold refin. What’s even better is that is has a number of issues that make it the ideal player grade 60’s Strat at Custom Shop money:

  • All-nitro gold refin
  • Lacquer has been stripped from back of neck
  • Refretted with vintage-style frets
  • Small crack at the 17th fret on the treble side, has been glued
  • Dots at 17th and 19th fret reglued
  • Pickups are Lindy Fralin
  • All electronics, screws and plastic parts have been changed
  • High E tuner changed to older vintage single-line Kluson
  • Entire trem assembly replaced

Weight is 3650g, guitar plays great, and it looks awesome. Comes in a recent G&G tweed case.

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