Fender Elite Stratocaster 1984

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DKK 13995

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1983-84 Fender Elite Stratocaster in cool black with rosewood fretboard. Alder body and 9,5″ radius. Some playwear, but overall exceptional condition. Plays really well, original frets are almost like new. All the active electronics work as they should. Weight is 4kg.

The Elite Stratocaster was an effort to integrate active electronics into an upgraded Stratocaster design. While sharing many elements with a traditional Stratocaster, the Elite used a different tremolo bridge, individual push pickup selectors and EQ-boosting TBX (Treble/Bass expander) and MDX (12 db mid boost) circuits.

The Elite was only produced for two years, but the active electronics were favoured by players such as Ty Tabor of Kings X, who liked them so much has has had them put into rack format, and perhaps most enduringly Eric Clapton, whose signature Stratocaster launched in 1988 also incorporating the TBX/MDX systems, and remains in production to this day.

Overall, a supercool and increasingly rare piece of 80s Fender history.

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