Fender ’52 Reissue Telecaster 1982 Butterscotch Blonde

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DKK 25995

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’52 Reissue Telecaster from the first year of production (1982) in the correct Butterscotch Blonde.

This guitar is almost 40 years old, but almost completely like new. These are rapidly becoming vintage guitars and prices are rising.

This particular guitar is a great playing example in excellent condition. The original frets show no signs of wear and the body has very few light marks on it. The 3 piece ash body is beautifully grained and the original butterscotch finish is unfaded. These early ’52 reissues are known for their very playable, slimmer C-shape necks, compared to later reissues fatter U-shaped necks.

Original pickups and pots dates to 9th week of 1982. Only changes are that the pickup switching has been changed from the original 50’s  Telecaster wiring with bass “mud” cap to modern 3-way Neck/Both/Bridge wiring, and one screw changed to phillips head on the control plate.

Comes with original case and original 1982 Fender catalogue “The Sound That Creates Legends”. Includes original tweed case. Weight is 4100g.

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