Fender Telecaster Bass 1972

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DKK 19995

Woodstock Guitars

Very cool 1972 Telecaster Bass that absolutely oozes vintage mojo. 

Apart from a couple of replaced pickguard screws and new wiring for the output jack, this example is original condition with the original frets and nut, but most importantly has the original loud and punchy Wide Range humbucker.

This bass has been played extensively throughout its life and has the battle scars to prove it. The original blonde finish has faded and worn with the marks of a “heavily used but not abused” players example. The bass is well balanced and feels equally good on a strap as it does sitting with it. 

The pickguard has two cracks from the screws being overtightened at some point, and two small pieces are missing in the lower corner.

The original frets show signs of use but the bass plays really well up and down the neck with good action and correct neck relief.

Weight is 4950 g.

A new hardcase is included in the price.

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