Gibson SG 1974

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Woodstock Guitars

Nice player grade 70’s SG with some changes and upgrades that make it ready to rock at a lower price! Plays great with new frets and is just the right weight at 3400g.

Has the following changes:

  • Inlay at the 21st fret has been changed
  • New nut
  • Refretted
  • Ebony fretboard has been radiused after refretting and shows signs of wear
  • All pickup screws have been changeed
  • Has has vibrola or similar system installed. Holes have been filled and there appears to be light overspray in the affected area
  • Neck volume pot changed, other pots are original and date to week 48, 1973
  • Some wiring has been changed
  • Electronics cavity has been shielded with graphite paint or similar, and the back plate shielded with metal foil

Mere fedt gear: