Gibson SJ-200 Standard

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DKK 28995

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Demo model, as new with just normal shop wear.

From its inaugural appearance in 1937, Gibson’s SJ-200 set an unmatched standard. The SJ-200 continues a legacy of the world’s most famous acoustic guitar, and certainly one of the most popular.


  • Tonewood: Beautiful flame maple combined with a Sitka spruce top are handcrafted into one of the most iconic acoustic instruments
  • Inlay: The hand inlaid mother-of-pearl crowns detail the rosewood fingerboard
  • Tuners: Gold Grover tuners crown the headstock providing tuning stability
  • Distinctive Appearance: The SJ-200 Standard is undoubtly one of the most distinctive and sought after Super Jumbo guitars
  • Pickup: LR Baggs™ Anthem pickup for excellent acoustic sound reproduction
  • Improved Feel: Fingerboard edge is softened to comfortably fit the contour of the player’s hand.
  • Enhanced Finish: Finer grit sandpaper and polishing compounds for high gloss finish.
  • Premium Setup: Utilizing state-of-the-art German engineered Plek technology to create the finest playing surface possible. Hand finished for the world’s finest feel and playability.
  • Smoother hand rubbed and oiled fingerboard and bridges: New penetrating and finishing oil last longer and maximizes woods natural vibrancy

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