H. S. Anderson HS-A2

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DKK 11995

Woodstock Guitars

Super rare and off-the-scale cool late 70’s HS Anderson HS-A2! This is literally  something you dont see every day, or even every year, in fact it’s the first we’ve had through the shop in 30 years.

The guitar is completely original and plays great, the electronics also work perfectly. The two chrome covered mini-humbucker pickups have a very similar sound to a Gibson Firebird or Les Paul Deluxe – fat but still clear, very versatile pickups that can somewhat twang but also completely rock out. The neck is medium and feels quite comfortable. The weight is 3700g.

Joan Jett of the Runaways used one of these guitars, but the HS Anderson brand is probably most famous for the Prince connection. Prince’s main guitar during the early 80’s was a Hohner branded H.S. Anderson “Madcat” Tele copy.

Along with other Matsumoku and Terada made Univox, Aria, Burny, Fernandes, Greco, Morris and Ibanez guitars, Anderson was a well-respected Japanese brand from the country’s golden age of guitar manufacturing.

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