Höfner Acoustic HA-CS28 Classic Steel String

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Woodstock Guitars

Handmade in Germany!

More than two years of research and prototyping resulted in the new HA-CS range of Höfner acoustics, all handmade in Germany. Our aim was to produce a distinctive new acoustic guitar that delivered high volume with exceptional tone, and we achieved this with our unique design of top and back bracing combined with choice tonewoods.

The smaller body shape of the CS28, plus the neck design with slotted headstock, refer to both the look and sound of a classic vintage acoustic from the 1930s, heard on many famous early recordings. The body and top project the sound prominently, making this one of the loudest acoustics available. The dark woody bass tones run under the shining highs, all of which are clearly audible throughout the tonal range. With a nut width of 45mm the guitar is ideal for finger picking and strumming; the neck width and shape is designed to melt into every player’s hand.

The perfect synthesis of simplicity and luxury is achieved with the outstanding combination of a carefully selected cedar top with a body made from breathtaking laurel wood. The timber for the fingerboard is a selection of fine and very old ebony. The neck, back and sides employ a sturdy satin varnish whereas the top is sealed with a wafer-thin finish from natural resins. The active pickup system is fitted without any opening in the sides to preserve the subtle and natural aesthetics and the tone of the instrument.

The Mi-Si® active pickup system is discreetly fitted inside the body without any opening in the sides to preserve the subtle and natural aesthetics. Charging the condenser for just 60 seconds supplies you with up to 16 hours of playing time. Mi-Si® allows us to avoid an environmental impact caused by the use of batteries or accumulators while the built in Piezo provides a detailed and authentic sound reproduction.


Body Shape: Hofner classic
Wood Top: Solid cedar AA
Soundhole: 85mm Ø
Bracing: Hofner asymmetrical
Wood Back: Laurel
Wood Sides: Laurel
Binding Top: Cherry
Binding Back: Cherry
Purfling top: b-w
Neck Wood: Mahogany
Reinforcement: Khaya
Headstock Shape: Hofner slotted Steelstring
Faceplate: Black Poplar / Maple
Heel Cap: Mahogany
Fingerboard Wood: Ebony
Scale: 650mm
Nut Width: 45 mm
Width At 14th fret: 55mm
Side Dots: fret 5 / 7 / 9 / 12
Number Of Frets: 21
Bridge Material / type: Ebony
Bridge saddle: Compensated
Finish Top: Natural resins / wax
Finish Body: Body closed porous satin # 38
Finish Neck: matt
Tuners: 3 in line gunmetal, ebonized buttons
Nut Material: NuBone
Pickup: Mi-Si
Electrics: Mi-Si battery free

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