Ibanez SDGR SRX400 Bass BRUGT

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DKK 2795

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Used Ibanez SRX400 4-string bass in used but great condition with very little wear and tear. One big humbucker, volume and tone controls – a nice, simple powerful rock bass.

SRX Soundgear Xtreme basses were designed for players who want an easy-to-play bass with simple controls and “beyond massive” pickups that can pump out loud, heavy rock. Period. However, for players for whom simple and powerful just aren’t simple and powerful enough, we’ve added the new “plug in and pulverize” SRX400’s. Loaded with a single PFR-AL alnico magnet pickup and the new PHAT II active bass boost, SRX400 basses prove that ridiculously loud and great tone aren’t mutually exclusive terms.


  • Powerful and simple. Designed for the heavy rock bassist.
  • Super high-output passive full-range pickups with exposed pole pieces give a new meaning to the word loud.
  • Simple to operate 2-band EQ or PHAT II active bass boost. So you play more bass and less with the tone controls.

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