Jerry Jones SingleCut Baritone BRUGT

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BRUGT Jerry  Jones SingleCut Baritone. Topspiller! Har mærker efter brug, bånd er i god stand og guitaren er klar til at rocke. Inkl. original kasse.

With a longer than standard scale length(28″), the Baritone is a perfect compliment to traditional guitar. Normally tuned a 5th or 4th below standard, this instrument lends itself to creative playing over an extended range without sacrificing playability. With two unwound strings on the high end, players can bend strings or play chords as normal…get creative!


  • Nut width is 1 11/16″
  • 28″ scale length and a 23 fret neck
  • Indian rosewood fingerboard w/14.5″ radius
  • Trussrod adjustment accessible at the heel
  • Quality enclosed Gotoh® tuning keys
  • Hum-canceling pickup wiring
  • Jerry Jones balanced Lipstick tube pickups
  • Quality Gotoh® bridge w/adjustable saddle pieces

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