JHS Pedals Alpine

kr. 1,900

The Alpine is JHS’s spring reverb-esque offering. If you want a realistic spring reverb or washed out layers, the Alpine does it and more. In a world full of reverb pedals, this is a highly tweakable, versatile, and inspiring solution for ambience fans everywhere.

With the Alpine, you’ll get a springy reverb with a sound all its own. Dialing the sound in couldn’t be easier, thanks to a straightforward set of controls. And we think you’ll especially dig the Depth knob – taking you from a small room to a cavern with the twist of your wrist.

  • Controls for Reverb, Highs, and Length take your tone from subtle springiness to more enveloping ambiance
  • We added a Depth control. Think of it this way: it lets you change the depth of the canyon you are playing guitar in
  • Highs control to add a touch of sparkle

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