Kay 60s Archtop

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DKK 7995

Woodstock Guitars

A slightly unusual example, this guitar has the body size, control layout and stamps of a 8700 “Barney Kessel” model, produced from 1956-1960. However, the headstock shape and headstock adjustable truss rod is indicative of a 1961-1965 “T-logo” neck, although it has the correct fret inlays for a K8700 Barney Kessel model.

17” spruce top and maple back and sides provide classic archtop tones, while the thinner body depth makes it more manageable to play and control at stage volume.

The original pickups have been replaced with P90s and the original bridge and tailpiece have been replaced as well. The tailpiece is an aftermarket Gibson Byrdland-style and the Melita bridge has been replaced with a professionally cut rosewood bridge.

The electronics have been replaced for trouble-free performance. At some point in its life the guitar had a Roland synth-pickup installed, as revealed by plugged holes around the original control layout, behind the bridge and next to the output jack.

So, all in all a bit of a mongrel, but still a supercool US made 60s archtop that plays really well, sounds great, and is ready to roll with the rockers and jive with the jazz cats!

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