Lunastone Red Fuzz 1

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DKK 1475

Woodstock Guitars

Lunastone Red Fuzz 1.

This hot-tempered baby is a screaming Hendrix-style Fuzz pedal, but with a sizzling almost synthesizer-like tone to it as well. We have tested it with Fuzz specialists and they love it.

We like to keep our pedals clean and with the Scandinavian, minimalistic style and sleek design that TrueOverDrive 1 and 2 introduced. But it was kind of tempting to go nuts with this one, adding some agressive graphics and name it F*cking Frenzy Fuzz…

But we decided to hold our horses and stay on track. But make no misktake, RED FUZZ 1 is indeed one f*cking frenzy fuzz pedal that will turn your guitar sound upside down.

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