Mad Professor Amber Overdrive

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DKK 1595

Woodstock Guitars

Amber Overdrive is a fat sounding pedal in Mad Professor Hand Wired Custom series. One of the most sought-after guitar tones is a combination of a great overdrive or fuzz pedal into overdriven tube amplifier.

Amber Overdrive produces this sound even when running through a clean amplifier. It produces a very thick sound whether playing chords or single notes – fat and juicy with just a hint of fuzz. Though highly saturated, this dynamic overdrive can be cleaned up with the volume control of your guitar. As with all Mad Professor pedals, it offers a wide range of dynamics and expressive touch sensitivity. When you plug it into a clean amplifier, Amber Overdrive can give you the massive sound of a saturated amplifier with classic smooth fuzz running wide open. It can also be used as a slightly distorted boost to increase saturation on slightly overdriven amplifiers.

Amber Overdrive is great for getting fat singing tone out of vintage low output single coil pickups. It works really well with Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars and with P-90 pickups.  Of course is also shines with humbuckers.

Best overdrive pedal for: Fat lead tones, Eric Johnson tone, David Gilmour tone, Leslie West tone, long sustain, little fuzz

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