Mad Professor Blueberry Bass

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DKK 1595

Woodstock Guitars

The BBBO was designed for electric bass to get light to medium overdrive reminiscent of vintage tube bass amplifiers.

“The Blueberry Overdrive from Mad Professor offers a wide range of tones within quite a narrow part of the overall drive category. We’re talking about overdrive here, not clean boost, distortion or fuzz. Overdrive, baby!

Versatility is high and low at the same time in this case – low in the sense that it basically does one thing, and one thing alone. That said, the tonal possibilities within that limited range of ‘just’ overdrive, are quite amazing. And while you may argue that it is nothing but transparent and also adds compression that you can’t really control other than with playing dynamics, I find the drive both musical and pleasant when you find just the right setting which is relatively easy.”, 2019

While mainly designed for bass guitar, the BBBO can also be used with other instruments for low, dynamically controlled distortion.

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