Mad Professor CS-40

kr. 40,000

Om Mad Professor CS-40

-Preamp distortion and/or Power-amp distortion, with or without compression at any volume level.

-Three (3) gain structure options (Normal, Abnormal/Tube and Abnormal/FET).

-Four (4) different ways to adjust the ever critical treble response.

-Foot-switches for FET and adjustable Boost.

-Dynamics you have never experienced.

-Magical Bjorn Juhl circuit.


-Hand made point to point wired 40-75W tube amp that is fine-tuned for the best possible tone.

-Based on the experience Bjorn Juhl has had working with finest tubes amps for 20 years.

-The circuit is as original as a tube amp can be, respecting the heritage of the greatest amps designs. The fine-tuned circuit with build in bias adjustment accepts 6L6, EL34, KT66, KT88 … even 6V6 if you can find ones that can handle 500V of plate voltage.

-The overbuild custom transformers have enough juice to drive the KT88’s/6550’s to about 75W of power.

-With special POWERSUCK switch you can drive the power-amp to fat compressed tone at bedroom levels.



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