Mad Professor CS-40

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DKK 40000

Woodstock Guitars

Hand made point to point wired 40-75W tube amp that is fine-tuned for the best possible tone.

The CS-40 features three gain structure options, extensive tone control network, 40-70 watts of (clean) output power, series effects loop with level options, selectable level boost at foot switch control with a front panel knob to set desired boost.


  • Single channel head with 3 gain structures: Normal, Abnormal/Tube and Abnormal/FET
  • 4 position “Focus” switch
  • Foot-switches for FET and adjustable Boost.
  • Dynamics you have never experienced.
  • Tuned “POWERSUCK” switch for great tone even at small clubs.
  • BJF designed custom-made huge transformer, best audio components and careful fine-tuning with wonderful hand work by Bukka M. are some of the secrets behind this amp.
  • Magical Bjorn Juhl circuit.

Front panel controls:

  • NORMAL INPUT : used for clean sounds to light overdrive
  • ABNORMAL INPUT: used for overdrive sounds
  • FET-TUBE SWITCH: selects the type of distortion obtained from Abnormal input – where the FET option lets the input tube be driven without the rectifier action of an overloaded control grid resulting in a sound with a little less buzz, slightly cleaner tone than ordinary tube overdrive. TUBE: is an all tube structure for a classic tone.
  • VOLUME: sets the gain of the preamp
  • MIDDLE: works as normal midrange control except it’s affected by FOCUS
  • BASS: works as bass control except it’s affected by
  • FOCUS: a four position rotary switch which selects two different center frequencies for the T-filter, with or without a mild treble boost. The tones are GREEN with or without treble boost and PURPLE with or without treble boost
  • TONE BALANCE: this controls the balance between bass and treble, work similar to most treble-knobs on other amps.
  • TREBLE: controls treble
  • BOOST: sets how much level-boost is obtained when boost switch is pressed
  • PRESENCE: controls the treble response of power amp – works by removing feedback at high frequencies
  • MASTER: controls output level – works by attenuating level at power-amp input.
  • STANDBY: ensures longer tube life

Back Panel:

  • SEND (preamp output – drives a 100K-load without losses)
  • RECEIVE (power amp in with an input impedance of about 300K)
  • NATURE SWITCH (4-POSITION ROTARY SWITCH) This switch has four positions controlling effects loop level and brightness of amp.
    There are two level options. One for low-level effects, driven by a 9V supply, and one for line level effects, like tape echoes and certain studio or rack gear.
    Each level option has two tones available one bright lead and one softer with extended bass response. The bright lead option is considered normal. The setting of this switch will affect the settings of tone controls. Use the softer setting for getting tremendous bass.
  • FOOT-SWITCH (for external foot-switch controlling boost function)
  • 5 SPEAKER OUTPUTS ( 2×4 ohm, 2×8 ohm, 1×16 ohm )
  • 4 POSITION “POWER SUCK” SWITCH to get great tone with lower volume.
    Levels: ARENA, CLUB, PUB and BEDROOM

Mere fedt gear: