Marshall JMP 2104 2×12 Combo 1979 BRUGT

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DKK 9995

Woodstock Guitars


Classic Master Lead combo from 1979 in the desirable 50W 2×12” version.

Original Celestion T1221 “Blackback” 75Hz speakers, dating to February 1979. One speaker is missing the sticker, but all numbers and stamps match between the two speakers. One is from February 26 and the other February 27.

The amp has been a gigging amp and has signs of use, however nothing you wouldn’t expect from a 43 year old rocker. All pots move as they should, without any noise or crackling.

Great classic rock tones out of this one – amp sounds balanced and full, with great clean-up from the volume pot on the guitar.


  • One channel, “High” and “Low” inputs
  • Controls: Pre-amp Volume, Master Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence
  • Three 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Two EL34 power amp tubes
  • Two 12” Rola Celestion T1221 25 watt 75Hz speakers

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