Marshall Super 100 Jimi Hendrix BRUGT

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DKK 35,000.00

Woodstock Guitars



Super rare and collectible complete Marshall Super 100JH set. Used, but in excellent condition with minimal wear as indicated in photos. Includes original covers and manual. Certificate is missing. Sold new by Woodstock Guitars in 2006.

The Marshall Super 100JH Jimi Hendrix stack consists of the Super 100JH head, the angled 1982AJH 4 x 12″ cabinet, and the extra-tall, straight-front 1982JH 4 x 12″ cab. The original version of this iconic tall, pinstriped stack was built in 1966. The Super 100 head was the immediate successor to Marshall’s first ever 100W head—the famous dual output transformer JTM45/100.

In contrast to the diverse array of rich tones it generates, the Super 100JH is an extremely straightforward amplifier. Its two channels—High Treble and Normal—each have dual inputs (high and low sensitivity) and separate loudness (volume) controls. Both channels share the amplifier’s four tone controls: treble, middle, bass and presence. There are three ECC83 (12AX7) valves in the preamp and a quartet of KT66 valves in the power amp, the standard issue in mid-’60s Marshall Amplifiers. The all-important power transformers are built by Drake, the original manufacturer.

The Super 100JH stack’s two 4 x 12″ speaker cabinets—the angled 1982AJH and straight 1982BJH—have been reissued to complete the majestic look of the original pinstriped stacks that Jimi used. The 1982BJH is nearly 7″ taller than a standard Marshall 4 x 12″, adding further to the impressive look of the stack. Both JH cabs are loaded with Celestion G12C 25W speakers—specially developed by Marshall and Celestion to duplicate the sound of the original speakers found in cabinets from that era.

Includes a full set of heavy-duty dust covers. Also includes manual, but certificate is missing. Each head and cabinet bears the official Authentic Hendrix logo.


Type: 230V 50Hz „Super PA“
Power: 100 Watt Class A/B
Output Tubes: 4x KT66
Preamp Tubes 3x ECC 83
Rectifier: Solid State
Channels: 4 (Normal, Treble / High & Low)
Controls: Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Loudness 1&2
Back: 2x Speaker Out, Ohm Switch, Power Selector

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