1973 Orange OR-120 with 4 x 12″

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DKK 21995

Woodstock Guitars

1973 Orange OR-120 with matching 4×12″ cab in very good condition.

Very early first-year example of the “Pics & Text” version of the OR-120 head. Although the redesigned OR-120 was officially launched in 1974, production of these started in late 1973, and this is one of the first 100 of these amps.

The OR-120 is a single-channel non-master volume amp. This one has the classic “Pics & Text”-styling and circuitry, and features an effects loop as well as Orange’s 6-position F.A.C tone control.


  • Single channel, non-master volume amp design
  • “Hi” and “Lo”-inputs
  • 6-position F.A.C. tone control
  • Bass and Treble EQ knobs
  • H.F. Drive (presence) knob

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