PRS Custom Amp Design Dallas 50 Combo BRUGT

kr. 19,995

Ekstremt sjælden Paul Reed Smith Dallas Custom Amp Design 50w 1×12 Combo. Nypris i Danmark ca. 35000,-

Brugt, men i top stand.



This amplifier is a 50 watt 1×12 combo with brilliant cleans that can reach a healthy distortion when pushed. Because the foundation of the amplifier is clean, it takes pedals well. Across the spectrum, the Dallas offers sweet highs, solid lows, and modest midrange tones.

  • 6L6 Power Tubes
  • Top Controls: Input, Bright, Volume, Reverb, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master
  • Rear Controls: Power Switch, Standby
  • 4, 8, and 16 Ohm Selection 5 Output Jacks
  • Fixed Bias with Bias Test Jacks and Bias Adjustment Pot

The PRS Dallas, offered through the PRS Custom Amp Design (CAD) program, is an American-style amplifier that uses 6L6 power tubes but is tweaked to minimize some of the shortcomings associated with classic 6L6 platforms when the signal is distorted or the amp is turned up.

First, the bass has been trimmed to provide a tighter low end but still produces the nice, clean tones associated with this design. All pots, jacks, power tubes sockets, and switches are chassis-mounted, shielded wire is used where critical, and the reverb circuit is tube-driven. Plug straight in and crank it up, or play using your favorite pedals – either way, you will be treated to a versatile amp that is pleasant to your ears and excels at many musical styles. The Dallas amplifier is the only Custom Amp Design amplifier available worldwide to date.

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