Quiklok FPC/UNI Patch 50cm

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DKK 190

Woodstock Guitars

Pedal connecting cable (0,2 m long) with Amphenol ACPMRB mono 6.3 mm angled jack plugs and Unicore PVC cable (6.8 mm diam. copper mono-conductor)

UNICORE Series: Engineered using cable with an inner (0.50mm diameter) mono-conductor and a 100% tinned copper shielding. The use of a solid mono-conductor with increased dimension as opposed to a multi-strand conductor results in the best possible signal transmission. Enhanced dynamics, instantaneous signal onset and high output level, with remarkably linear frequency response. These are the excellent characteristics of this cable, which allow for a supreme quality connection between electric strung instruments, keyboards, outboard gear, amps, mixers, and most especially, effect pedals.

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