Rickenbacker 230GF Glenn Frey Signature

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DKK 18000

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Glenn Frey, international solo recording artist and co-founder of the legendary Eagles, joined with Rickenbacker to create the guitar of his dreams.

Reflecting a vision of returning to simplicity in an era of ever-increasing complexity, Glenn and the RIC design team created a guitar of exceptional honesty, utility, and durability while avoiding both austerity and garishness.

The Glenn Frey Limited Edition guitar, designated respectively as the 230GF, borrows the basic body outline from Rickenbacker’s futuristic Series 200/2000 solid body instruments, but further refines the shape with extra contours for comfort. The body, neck, and 24-fret fingerboard are sculpted of solid Maple which is then entirely encased in an ultra high gloss jet black finish. Highly polished wide frets contrast with the slick, gleaming fingerboard.

The two high output humbucking pickups are uniquely voiced to offer an exceptional breadth of tone, ranging from the warmest to the brightest. A most useful combination of pickup selector, single volume and tone controls further refine the voice of these instruments. Euro-black parts are used throughout, graced with subtle touches of chrome for distinction. The silver nameplate and pickguard with Glenn Frey’s signature complete the look of elegant simplicity.

Altogether 1000 pieces of the model 230GF + 2030GF were planned. Due to the low demand, however, production was discontinued, which has not happened with any other Rickenbacker signature series. In fact, only 239 of the original 1000 guitars and basses were built.

It is the Rickenbacker Signature with the lowest number of pieces, except for the Rickenbacker Lemmy Kilmister Signature Bass.

Does not include COA. Includes non-original case.

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