Starfield Altair American Classic Teal Green 1994

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Very rare US made Starfield Altair American Classic. For those who don’t know the brand, Starfield is made by Ibanez. These guitars were made from 1992 to 1994, as modern interpretations of classic S-style guitars. The name Starfield was used because it was thought that consumers wouldn’t accept traditional-style guitars from the Ibanez brand, which was and is better known for super-strats.

This particular guitar is the very rare USA model that was made in the Ibanez Custom Shop in California. It’s made of premium tonewoods, and features Seymour Duncan Classic Stacks pickups, USA WK10 Wilkinson bridge, and Dimarzio electronics (pots, switch, jack and wiring).

The colour is Teal Green. Neck is a one-piece maple neck with a relatively flat C profile typical for 90s guitars, with 22 Dunlop frets and Gotoh tuners.

Everything is original and works perfectly. The frets have lots of life left. The body has some scratches and little dings associated with 25+ years of use. Comes with non-original gig bag.

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