TopHat Super Deluxe 2×12 BRUGT

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DKK 12995

Woodstock Guitars


The Super Deluxe features a slightly refined EQ and a larger output transformer to process the larger EL34 Power Tubes. The Super Deluxe puts out 33 watts of cathode biased Class A Power. Not only does it have larger power transformer, but it also features larger output transformers and is biased to handle 6L6’s, EL34’s and 6V6’s without adjustment.

The Super Deluxe features a preamp based on the TopBoost, Tweed Bassman and plexi Marshall arrangement — mixed with an AC30 type phase inverter and no-negative feedback, cathode biased output section. It’s right in the middle of 3 of the greatest amps of all time.

The 30-35 watt power is more than a 20 watter and less than a 45-50 watter, obviously — but, it really works well for the real world playing environments!!!

Fat-Off-Bright Switch
Treble, Mid & Bass
Master Volume

33 Watts – Class
Tube Rectified- GZ34/5AR4
2 EL34 Power Tubes (6L6 or 6V6 can be used without biasing)
3 Tung Sol 12AX7
Custom Heyboer Transformer
Speaker- Celestion G12H30 8 Ohms

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