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Washburn Status Series 1000 1990

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DKK 4995

Woodstock Guitars

1990 Washburn Status Series 1000 in good condition with just a small amount of playwear. Some corrosion of metal bridge and nut. Includes hardcase. Doesn’t require double ball-end strings.

The Washburn S70 was made under license from Status and had Status body desisgn, Status active electronics and solid brass Status hardware. The S70 had solid brass hadware, maple neck-through-body construction with American walnut on the front and back of the body. The Washburn S70 was made from the late 1980s until around 1994.


  • Controls: 3 control knobs
  • Electronics: active electronics Status pickup(s) 2 single coil pickups
  • Body: maple and walnut body
  • Fretboard: ebonized fingerboard side dot fingerboard position markers
  • Hardware: brass hardware
  • Neck: neck through body maple neck 24 fret zero fret at the nut headless

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