Fender Precision Bass 1972 Lefthand

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DKK 38995

Woodstock Guitars

Here we have a 1972 Fender Precision Bass in super rare left-handed version. It’s pretty much all original and includes its original brown tolex “export” case.

Plays great, sounds great, and is overall a real find for the lefthanded low-end vintage enthusiast.


  • Both pots are stamped CTS and appear to be original, but date codes are different than typical CTS codes of the era
  • Both pickups are original “grey bottom” pickups, but have had new foam put underneath them to replace the old hardened/perished foam, which is common for the time
  • The bridge cover shows some residue from an old sponge used to dampen the strings
  • The front chrome pickup cover and the thumb rest are missing
  • Some pickguard screws have been changed
  • Weight is 3970g

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