Ibanez JEM 77FP 1989

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1989 Ibanez JEM 77FP in incredible condition. A real time machine. Amazing guitar, and incredibly comfortable to play. A magnificent collector’s item.


In 1989, Ibanez unleashed the JEM 77FP, a guitar that blended technical prowess with visual artistry. Conceived in collaboration with virtuoso Steve Vai, this instrument swiftly became an emblem of the electric guitar’s potential. Distinguished by its striking floral-patterned body, it stood as a testament to the fusion of high-performance playability and distinctive aesthetics.

This 1989 Ibanez JEM 77FP encapsulates an era where innovation met art, presenting a unique opportunity for musicians and collectors alike to own a piece of instrumental history that continues to inspire awe.


Year of Manufacture: 1989
Model: Ibanez JEM 77FP
Body: Basswood
Neck: Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard with fluorescent green vine inlay, 24 frets
Pickups: 2x PAF Dimarzio Pro Humbuckers, 1x Dimarzio single coil
Scale Length: 25.5 inches
Pattern Design: Intricate floral pattern designed by Darren Johansen
Signature Features: Monkey Grip handle, Lion’s Claw tremolo cavity
Condition: Excellent, with normal (but minor) signs of use

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