Fret-King Country Squire Classic Green Label USED

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DKK 11995

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Used, but in absolutely  TOP condition UK made (Green Label) Fret King Country Squire. Comes with heavy-duty hardshell Hiscox case.


Carrying out improvements to the original is always a tough task, but we just had to have a go. Now fitted with later 60’s style design pickups, raised polepieces that are slightly under-wound to 6K Ohms, the Country Squire offers plenty of bite. As well as all the enhancements above, the Fret-King Country Squire Classic also features a two-piece centre-jointed swamp ash body, and as the name suggests, is as real as it gets!

As you might have gathered by the name, these guitars will mainly appeal to country players, however no matter what kind of music you play, the ultra simple, single cutaway, bolt-on neck guitar that first appeared at the start of the 1950s lends itself to many diverse musical styles.

Throughout the entire history of rock ‘n’ roll, guitars similar to the Country Squire have been a main component of so many musical genres; country, soul, blues, rock, jazz and more.

The Country Squire range is Fret-King’s tribute to the guitar that started it all! When designing the Green Label Country Squire, we took the liberty of respectfully raising the bar, with a 22-fret neck with medium jumbo frets, in either a maple/rosewood combination, or one-piece maple, both with a deliciously comfortable 60s shallow C profile.

Both styles of neck utilise a 10″ fingerboard radius to facilitate easier string bending, with a slinky, fast playing action.

There’s a lot of mystique around the original three-saddle bridges and why they sound so good. However, it’s fairly simple really with only three saddles, there are two strings to hold each saddle down firmly, so far less of the string’s energy is dissipated trying to stop the saddles moving, greatly enhancing sustain.

The original design’s main flaw was its poor intonation. That is why when building our take on this original design, we have added the fully intonatable Wilkinson WT3 multi-adjustable three-saddle bridge, which means that unmistakable tone is now achievable; as is perfect intonation!

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