Our Workshop

Six months in Bruce Springsteen’s neighborhood means that we now have one of the best guitar workshops in the country.

There’s a big difference between building guitars and repairing them. At Woodstock Guitars, we focus exclusively on the latter. Lars, who runs the workshop, has 20 years of guitar repair, setup and modification experience. To gain even more experience, he recently spent 6 months working at a highly regarded US guitar repair centre with many years of experience in professional guitar repairs.

“I effectively worked as an apprentice to some of the best in the business. And although I’veworked on guitars for many years, it was a great learning experience to work with the cream of American guitar techs for a whole 6 months.


New tools

Even simple things like tools aren’t as simple as they seem, annd after Lars’s US experience our workshop now boasts all sorts of special tools available only in the United States. This means that we can carry out repairs even more authentically and in-depth than we could before. The US workshop was very particular in making their own tools in-house, and this is something we’ve also embraced at Woodstock Guitars.

Focus on repairs

At Woodstock Guitars we deliberately do not build guitars from scratch, but focus sharply on repairs and setup work. Customers often entrust us with very expensive instruments, so we take the quality of our repairs – and the trust of our customers – very seriously.

“We want to be the best at repairing these delicate instruments. And these are two completely different disciplines. Repair is demanding in other ways than building new instruments. If you can’t get a refret just right, you risk destroying the entire instrument”, Lars adds.


When you buy a guitar at Woodstock Guitars in Copenhagen or Aarhus, you know it’s been professionally inspected and set up in the workshop before reaching the shop floor. Any guitar bought at Woodstock Guitars includes follow-up adjustments for up to a month after purchase, so you can “play it in” and then have it adjusted again if necessary.

We perform a variety of repairs including refrets, setups, new saddles, tuner changes, fracture repairs, electronics, etc.


Woodstock is possibly Denmark’s coolest rock ‘n roll gear destination. With over 600 guitars, including all the well known brands such as Gibson, Martin, Lakewood, Reverend, Hansen and Ibanez, we’ve always got lots of new, used and vintage stringed instruments for all purposes and price ranges in stock.

Of course we also have a matching range of amplifiers, effects and other accessories, and last but not least, a well-qualified workshop, where you can get your instrument/equipment adjusted, trimmed, rebuilt or repaired by qualified professionals.

Come see us in Aarhus or Copenhagen – we’ve got the coffee on!