Alhambra has built guitars of the highest quality for more than 50 years. Their classical guitars are considered among the world’s best, and are all hand-built according to old traditions in Spain. With models made in Spain starting from just 2300 kroner, Alhambra leaves their price range competitors in the dust.

Higher up in the range, Alhambra employs some of the most prestigious guitar builders in Spain to build their instruments. The high-end “Luthier” series is built bottom up by the Alhambra luthier of your choice. Finally, Alhambra guitars are one of Spain’s most environmentally friendly guitar makers.

DKK 13495
DKK 12295
DKK 10795
DKK 10495
DKK 9995
DKK 9995
DKK 9995
DKK 9495
DKK 7995
DKK 7295
DKK 6995
DKK 6995
DKK 5695
DKK 5395
DKK 5295
DKK 4895
DKK 4395
DKK 3995
DKK 3795
DKK 3495
DKK 3495
DKK 2995
DKK 2695