Blueridge Leather Gig Bag

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DKK 1495

Woodstock Guitars

Seasoned musicians and the world’s top pros will all agree that traveling with a musical instrument can be a real challenge; and that having an extra set of hands can make all the difference in whether you have a relaxing, or stressful experience. That’s exactly where a well-made and stylishly designed gig bag can come to the rescue. Not only can the right gig bag offer greater flexibility, but perhaps even more surprisingly, a level of features and protection that even a hard-shell case will find hard to beat!

With the Blueridge Leather Gig Bag, traveling with your favorite guitar is easier than ever!

Key features include a classy and beautiful leather exterior for scratch and water resistance; easily capable of deflecting any glancing blow, poke or prod. Well-padded and fully adjustable backpack straps are securely attached and allow the bag to be carried on the wearers back, positioned safely and well out-of-the-way of just about any obstacle that might be encountered…even at the ticket counter!

On the inside, the real secret to the designs faultless function is an engineered core structure – covered in a black plush-lined, non-scratching fleece. It is formed using “Multi-Strata Foam Technology” to create a resilient barrier that progressively absorbs and slows the forces of impact as they travel toward the instrument. This simple technology, in combination with a clean and simple exterior appearance, will prove time and again to be the go-to method for transporting your instrument.

So, take a second look at how you travel with your instrument, and you might just discover that a ProTour Standard Gig Bag will exceed your every expectation and completely change the way you think about instrument protection and traveling with your instruments.


  • Beautiful leather exterior combined with ergonomic, fully adjustable and well padded backpack straps
  • Combined 2.5cm “Multi-Strata Foam Technology” interior structure for progressive shock absorbing capabilities
  • Interior is lined with a soft, black padded non-scratching fleece lining with repositionable, Velcro-set, neck rest for stability
  • Single, hidden and zippered accessory pocket located behind the peghead and is perfectly sized to carry strings, picks, a capo, an electronic tuner and more
  • Black luggage-grade nylon string/tuning peg interior protection panels and rubber exterior end-pin bumpers

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