Carl Martin Octa-Switch The Strip

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DKK 4495

Woodstock Guitars

The Carl Martin Octaswitch, already a legend in the guitar effect switching world, is on its third evolution since the original.  These all-analog units have received rave reviews throughout the guitar world and awards from companies like Premier Guitar.

The fourth version, named ‘The Strip’ is the smallest and most advanced, taking all the technology used in the first three and adding some amazing features that make the ‘Octaswitch The Strip’ the most versatile and simplest all-analog switching pedal on the market!

At first glance, the ‘Octaswitch The Strip’ (designed once again and refined by Thomas Guldmann), has all the same features as before.  8 effects loops that can be programmed into 8 banks.  The loops are all true bypass, impedance free gold relays so you can run all your pedals (old and new) without issue.

The main input can be true bypass, or it can be switched to buffered for large stages or long cable runs.  There are 8 blue LED’s that indicate which of the 8 loops is being used, and 8 green LED’s that indicate which bank is being used.

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