Höfner Verythin ‘Violin Finish’ Relic

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DKK 21895

Woodstock Guitars

Since 1960, the Verythin has been a world-class semi-hollow guitar. Now, we introduce the new Höfner Verythin “Violin Finish” for 2024. Hand-made in the Höfner master workshops in Hagenau, Germany, the Violin finish and incredible hand aging gives the instrument and exceptionally authentic look and feel

The flamed maple top, back and sides, ebony fingerboard and sustain block makes creates a rich, clear, lively tone, which makes the guitar feel at home in any musical genre.

The innovative Höfner Dual Tone Control allows the player to control both the treble and the bass frequencies with a single pot. Turning the control to the left from the detented neutral centre position fine-tunes the treble, while the right-hand direction does the same with the bass frequencies, which allows crunchy overdriven sounds in particular to remain clear and defined.

Body depth 30 mm, nut width 44 mm, scale 644 mm (25 ⅜”). Includes Höfner hardshell case.

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