Blueridge is an American guitar brand that has invested in high-quality Far East production for more than 30 years – a heritage that can be heard, felt and seen in their products. Wood quality usually found only on much more expensive instruments comes as standard on a Blueridge, and no artificial materials are used at all - abalone is abalone, ebony is ebony, and mahogany is mahogany. All-solid models start from less than 9000 kroner.

Blueridge has achieved cult status in the US, which can be clearly seen from the many positive reviews that can be found in magazines and on net forums. Many top musicians, both in Denmark and the rest of the world, have moved away from their old iconic guitars to play Blueridge. You might also have heard of the guy on the right. We have virtually all models in stock.

Review of the Blueridge BR-140 in Vintage Guitar Magazine, headlined “Time to Sell the D-28?”